It’s All About Fresh Ingredients at On The Border

Shrimp Fajitas


My first On The Border experience started with their chips, fresh salsa, and margaritas. What a great start! The Margaritas gave me a warm vacation flashbacks. Strawbrrrita Margarita tasted so fresh because they make it with real strawberries. It was easily one of the best margaritas I ever had! Next on the margarita tasting, The Blue Lagoon. This tasty frozen margarita will make you happy just from the cheerful eye popping blue color with white creamy swirls.

House Made Chips and Margaritas

Being a big fan of always ordering appetizers, I ordered the Border Sampler. Chicken Quesadilla, Fajita Steak Nachos, and Mini Chicken Chimichangas. Out of the three items, the Mini Chicken Chimichangas were my favorite! Lightly fried crispy on the outside and full of flavors in each bite. It came with a little queso dipping sauce that made it a great combination. Quesadillas and the Nachos were not full of grease and oil. Excellent flavors with each bite!

Mini Chicken Chimichanga from The Border Sampler

On to the main course… Fajitas! I got to try both of their classic Steak Fajita and the Sauteed Shrimp Fajita. I love that sizzling sound when the fajitas come to your table. The steak was had that perfect light pink center as I asked for medium. Took a bite of the steak and it was delicious! Great seasoning and not too salty. The grilled peppers and onions complimented the steak very nicely. It was easy to tell with each bite that the ingredients were not frozen and processed.

Steak Fajita

The Sauteed Shrimp was my favorite of the experience. Shrimps were nice and plump and cooked perfectly. Every bite had amazing texture and after you add some lime juice, the flavors really pop! The Shrimp Fajita came with this special butter sauce for dipping and it was so good! I couldn’t get enough of this sauce. I was dipping anything into it.
While creating my fajita wrap, I was really happy to see that the flour tortillas were hand-pressed and made to order.

Shrimp Fajita

I’m so glad that I teamed up with On The Border to try their meals that are made in house with fresh ingredients! I had an incredible dining experience and hope to try more of their made to order menu items in the short future!

Check out On The Border’s Menu Here
Look for the nearest On The Border location Here


By Seoung Lee (@chowdowndetroit)

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina


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