Top 5 Fabulously Unique Burgers

*List created by Seoung (Chow Down Detroit) & Virginia Lee 


We found some of the best unique burgers around the area and these pictures are just a teaser of why all of them made this list. The anatomy of a burger should consist more than just the juicy beef patty, melty cheese, and fresh veggies. Check out some of these insane burgers and let us know which was your favorite!


Pico Burger // Rusted Crow

Rusted Crow
Photo via Anna V’s  Yelp

Rusted Crow offers more than a crafty cocktail menu. Order one of their signature burgers, like the Pico Burger, loaded with fried avocado, pico de gallo, flaming hot Cheetos, and queso fresco, all tenderly packed on a brioche bun.You’ll definitely get a kick out of this one!


Jameson Pickleback Burger // Avenue American Bistro

Photo via Avenue American Bistro’s Instagram

This masterpiece is dubbed the Jameson Pick-Back Burger for several reasons. Their BBQ sauce utilizes Jameson Whiskey, layered on pepper jack, crispy bacon and stacked high with deep fried pickles! Notice there’s a steak knife stabilize this massive burger. Avenue doesn’t mess around!


Ali’s Notch-Yo Burger // Taystee’s Burgers

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 12.16.33 PM
Photo via Taystee’s Burgers’ Instagram

Why yes, those are Doritos strategically stacked for your enjoyment. You’ll be able to get all the crunchiness and cheesiness from this burger. Using a toasted onion bun, there’s American, Swiss, Pepperjack, Beef, Bacon, Grilled Jalapenos, Grilled Onions, Mayo, & Hot sauce all in here. This burger is definitely top-notch!


The Big Baby // Food Exchange Restaurant

Photo via Brian A on Yelp

Food Exchange gathers fresh ingredients from Eastern Market to support the local community. The Big Baby burger is topped with corned beef, Swiss, American cheese, with all the traditional burger ingredients on an onion roll. Be prepared to wait patiently for these burgers to come out! It’s worth it.


Cheese Attack Brisket Burger // Arkin’s BBQ

Photo via Arkin’s BBQ Facebook

Watching this burger being assembled and the shredded cheddar melting on the grill is an absolute delight and surreal experience! The crunchy cheddar cheese skirt makes this burger one of the most unique burgers around the area. There’s also ground Angus beef brisket and smoked brisket prepared daily, put together in a brioche bun.Make sure to fold the cheddar into the burger to enjoy every bite!


There’s a reason why we made this Top 5 Fabulously Unique Burger list. With a burger to enjoy each day during the work week, that definitely makes each day worth it. Where else is a unique burger place to check out? Tag us @ChowDownDetroit in your burger pics or it didn’t happen!


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