My Top 5 for Under $5 in Detroit

Save up your five dollar bills and put them to a delicious use with this list. You can grab a snack from any of these places for under $5.00. Here are some quality eats you just can’t beat!

1. Quesadilla Stick // Bucharest Grill

Photo via Chow Down Detroit’s Instagram

Bucharest Grill has Shawarma Sticks and they are under $5. You get order a Chicken, Beef or Quesadilla stick that’s basically wrapped and rolled in a giant tortilla. Our favorite is the Quesadilla Stick that has melted cheese with their amazing chicken!


2. Pizza Slice // Supino Pizzeria

Photo via Chow Down Detroit’s Instagram

If you want to grab a quick slice, Supino has slices available all day. Choose from classic cheese, pepperoni, or their daily special.


3. Hand-Cut Fries // Detroit 75 Kitchen

Photo via Detroit 75 Kitchen’s Instagram

You can order a basket of cajun, regular or garlic cilantro fries and a side of the roasted jalapeno ketchup! This food truck is open Monday through Friday, even during winter!

4. Coney Dog // Duly’s Place

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.58.37 PM.png
Photo via kweaverton’s Instagram

Everyone knows about Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island but Duly’s might be a favorite by many Detroit local for coney dogs. Their toppings are generous and cheap prices make this place a no-brainer to stop by.


5. Old-World Sandwich // Eastern Market Seafood Co.

Photo via Chow Down Detroit’s Instagram

You pick 3 of the 15 different sausages and they get diced up and wrapped in a pita. You can add mustard, lettuce, or cheese if you want. Otherwise, this is still a very simple and delicious meal!


See how far a five-dollar bill can take you? Grab a friend and maybe stop by all of these places! Where else can you grab a bite for under $5? Send your suggestions over to

List created by Seoung (Chow Down Detroit) & Virginia



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