Restaurant Feature: Eddie’s Gourmet

Eddie’s Restaurant Feature Story & yummy photos by Virginia Lee (Contributing Editor) 

Eddie’s Gourmet is unlike any other diner experience and once you step inside, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. Locals around the area come in and greet Eddie and his team. The ambiance is super friendly with everyone socializing and admiring the amazing dishes that they’re all looking forward to. Let’s get straight to it!


We started off with a Greek Salad and this starter plate is enough to share for two! The colorful bowl was delightful to look at and the fresh vegetables were not too overpowered by the dressing.



Ordering the Hawaiian Fries are an ABSOLUTE must! Hold the ketchup and dive right in. Here is another appetizer that is enough to share for two. Even though these golden steak-style fries are coated with zip sauce, parsley, and red pepper flakes, they do not end up soggy! Rather, each bite is just as flavorful as the first and each slight crunch will leave you wanting more. Trust us!



Moving on to the main dishes, we got the Roma Pasta and Filet Mignon with zip sauce. These two dishes are more than enough to share with two people. Roma Pasta is one of Eddie’s popular items, composed of ziti noodles tossed in cream, fresh basil, mushrooms, carrots and chicken breast. Each ziti noodle is cooked to perfection and holds the ideal noodle texture. The creamy sauce and pasta ratio was just right. The steamed carrots with a pop of color and their naturally sweet taste complete this dish. Pro tip: you can also add shrimp to this bowl because anything is pastable! Look at how perfectly prepared and the size of each shrimp. Eddie’s does not cut corners.



Switching plates over to the iconic Filet Mignon. Oh my, this presentation deserves an applause. The filet is seared to perfection and the interior of the steak is able to maintain its medium rare juiciness and desirable pink hue. All the juices and internal texture of this special steak is so consistent that even #SaltBae would be proud. Mushroom slices are piled high and the creamy filet sauce ensures each bite is just as delightful as the first.

Hopefully, as you’re reading this sentence, you’re gathering your crew to stop by Eddie’s for dinner tonight! Try to get the counter seating as you will get to see all the front row action of each dish being made. Make sure to wear loose and casual clothing (so serious about this!) and bring an eager appetite. Eddie’s Gourmet does not just offer delicious food but an experience where customers will return for the dishes and a friendly catch-up with Eddie!

We had the opportunity to ask Eddie a few questions to get to know him better:

Where do you get your food/dish inspiration from?

I have been at my restaurant for over 35 years. I create my own dishes, especially the Roma Pasta and the Hawaiian Fries. Those are the big hits!

What’s your favorite ingredient to work with?

Eddie’s Special Zip Sauce. I make recipes using the sauce, especially with the filet mignon.

You have a great impact on the local community that comes in to say hi and always coming back to grab a bite. What about the community that makes you proud?

The variety of cultures and background that come into my gourmet restaurant. I appreciate everyone that comes to Eddie’s.


Thanks again to Eddie and his wonderful team for a memorable dinner!

Eddie’s Gourmet Restaurant

25920 Greenfield, Oak Park, MI 48237


Have any other dishes to recommend on the return trip to Eddie’s? Thoughts of these types of Restaurant Feature stories? Send us your suggestions and feedback to Feel free to ‘Like’ & ‘Share’ this article with friends 🙂



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