Top Places to Chow Down in Canton

List created by Seoung (Chowdowndetroit) & Virginia

Canton, MI isn’t home to just IKEA. There are plenty of other places to check out after your furniture rendezvous. Here are some places we recommend you stop by to re-energize!


1. Famous Hamburger

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 6.14.17 PM
Photo via chowdowndetroit’s Instagram

Open wide! Juicy and perfectly cooked meat patties are the best part of a delicious hamburger. Their side of crispy waffles fries and any creamy milkshake make this a must stop for all your burger cravings. Famous Hamburger has certain specials during each month, so check them out soon!

Famous Hamburger: 4171 S Canton Center Rd., Canton, MI 48188


2. Palermo Pizzeria and Restaurant

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.14.28 PM.png
Photo via Yelp User Kurt J.

An Italian restaurant that serves homemade pastas, bread, and pizza, now that’s satisfying to hear! Their Super Deluxe pizzas are popular because of the amazing sauce and fresh toppings, baked to perfection. Bring the family here for dinner because everyone will be raving about this place afterwards!

Palermo Pizzeria & Restaurant: 44938 Ford Rd., Canton, MI 48187


3. Neehee’s

Photo via Nadia B.’s Yelp

Neehee’s is an Indian vegetarian street food place that has plenty of amazing and delicious options to choose from. Try their Pakora and Thali specialty platters that offer all flavors of sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy. For dessert, end with their sugarcane juice. #MeatlessMondays won’t be so bad after all!

Neehee’s: 45656 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187


4. Matsu Chan

Photo via ChowDownDetroit’s Facebook

If you remember from our Asian Hot Noodle Soup List, here is Matsu Chan again! They offer authentic Japanese flavors and ramen portions are quite generous. Their menu offers Shoyu ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen, Cold Soba Noodle, etc. and their combo prices are worth the drive here. The entire meal above, with ramen, fried rice, and shrimp shumai was only $9!

Matsu Chan: 5990 N. Sheldon Rd. Canton, MI 48187


5. Al Ameer Restaurant

Photo via Detroit Metro times’ Tom Perkins

Al Ameer offers quality Lebanese/ Middle Eastern dishes and plenty of food for an affordable price. Their popular items include Chicken Schwarma sandwiches, fattoush, grape leaves and hummus, lentil soup, hot and fresh pita bread, oh and killer garlic sauce! They even have a raw juice bar to complete your meal. Enjoy!

Al Ameer: 2100 N Haggerty Rd, Canton, MI 48187


6. Genova Pizzeria

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 9.24.39 PM
Photo via Trip Advisor’s Warrend2333

When is pizza not a good idea? Genova knows how to make their customers happy, with only the best ingredients to craft your exclusive pizzas. Some of their specialty pizzas include Carne Amanti ( the soppressata sausage is the best part!), Buongiorno (topped with a sunny side egg!), and the classic Margarita Orginal. Go enjoy those baked slices of perfection.

Genova Pizzeria: 42911 Ford Rd, Canton MI 48187


7. Urban Tawa

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 6.22.08 PM
Photo via Anand P.’s Yelp

If you’re craving home-made Indian food, you need to stop by Urban Tawa. Their menu offers a variety of favorites, including Samosas, Dosa Masala, Paneer Paratha, and even vegan options! While you’re ordering from the main course, don’t forget to add on these Masala fries, with a crunchy texture and full of flavors in each bite.

Urban Tawa: 45172 Ford Rd., Canton, MI 48187


8. Kimchi

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 10.04.41 PM
Photo via TripAdvisor’s bcsystems

Change up your lunch and dinner routine and stop by Kimchi! This hidden gem serves authentic Korean meals, like seafood pancake, savory bulgogi, sizzling bibimbap, and even loaded hotpot! For starters, they offer complementary vegetarian appetizers to give you a taste of everything. Bring your friends because the amount of food you get here is worth sharing.

Kimchi: 45620 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187


9. Biscuits & Gravy

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.53.49 PM.png
Photo via Yelp User Margaret V.

Pretty sure the name says it all. This brunch and lunch place has house-made biscuits and gravy, along with other classic items. Local ingredients, generous portions, fair prices, and friendly staff should be a couple reasons why you need to wake up early to stop by here. There’s usually a wait here so be warned!

Biscuits & Gravy: 42126 Ford Rd., Canton, MI 48187


10. Mira’s Shish Village

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.13.03 PM
Photo via Yelp User Cathy S.

Mira’s offer authentic Middle Eastern dishes that are not just flavorful but is all about the presentation of their dishes as well. The shawarmas, fattoush salad, creamy hummus with pita bread, the list goes on! Bring the whole gang here since the dishes are meant to share with everyone.

Mira’s Shish Village: 41985 Ford Rd., Canton, MI 48187


So have you picked out where you’re going for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? We hope you enjoy every meal! Where else are you chowing down in Canton? Send us some tips at







  1. I prefer the places that have been around for years. Rose’s, family owned for decades…Rusty Nail who honors veterans. This list is not culturally sensitive.


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