12 Coffee Shops I love in Metro-Detroit

List created by Seoung (ChowDownDetroit) & Virginia

Whatever day it is, starting off the morning with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and a quick bite is a must! Here are some of the top places I recommend around the area. Where else are you getting your daily caffeine fix?

1. Chazzano

Photo via RedPawnCreative’s Website

If you want an aesthetic coffee place where baristas appreciate your presence, watch them roast the coffee and enjoy a great cup of organic espresso, Chazzano will do just that. Their extensive flavor profiles range from bold and citrusy to fruity and tobacco. The fresh aromas and comfortable surroundings are just some reasons why you and your friends should check this place out.

Chazzano: 1737 E 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220


2. ASHE Supply Co.

Photo via Virginia’s Instagram

Who would have ever thought that motorcycles and coffee could go together? Well, at ASHE Supply Co, the theme is set up precisely like that. This is a shop that sells urban gear, treats, and coffee under the same roof. They like to add an artistic flair on their bathroom doors and have plenty of items all over the place to gawk at. There’s plenty of space to do host a laptop club with friends or get some solo studying done.

ASHE Supply Co.: 1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226


3. Red Dot

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.58.04 PM.png
Photo via Red Dot Coffee Company’s Instagram

Red Dot Coffee Company offers more than just coffee. They want to incorporate all the great elements of grabbing a coffee: the people, conversations and even cupping events! All the fun is inside this refurbished Victorian home. It feels like a house party with an open coffee service! #cozy

Red Dot: 505 N Center St, Northville, MI 48167



Photo via Anthology Coffee’s Instagram

Anthology roast their own coffee beans and it’s fantastic! Get a pour over or a latte and front and find a chill place to sit. It’s a perfect place to read a book, work on your laptop, and meet creative people. Did you see their mugs’ design? Pretty cool mug shot, eh?

Anthology: 1401 Vermont St, Detroit, MI 48216


5.Birmingham Roast

Photo via Virginia’s Instagram

Coffee catchups should be the only thing you catch. Go ahead guys, take a selfie and you might just be able to print that on a latte. Located near downtown Birmingham, this busy shop looks and tastes just as great. One should try their Golden Joy, very smooth and not too sweet of a coffee. Their minimalist decor utilizes a brassy theme, along with their slogan: Wake Up. Drink coffee. Be awesome. Repeat. Well done, BR.

Birmingham Roast: 525 E Brown St, Birmingham, MI 48009


6.New Order Coffee Roasters

Photo via New Order Coffee Roasters’s Instagram

There’s something about the vibrant colors besides the delicate and sweet aromas of New Order that gives you a burst of energy when you walk in. If you’re feeling bored with your typical coffee item, then try their seasonal Naughty Nog Latte, S’more Mocha Latte or their well-known cereal milk lattes. Move over milk, coffee is the cool kid in town.

New Order Coffee Roasters: 3100 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201


7.Common Grace Coffee Co.

Photo via KelseaJoyPhotography’s Instagram

It’s humbling to see how dedicated Common Grace Coffee Co. is about bringing the community together over a tradition that is easily overlooked: enjoying a cup of coffee. They offer book clubs, occasional live music, and valuable conversations that celebrates diversity. Stop on by for a good cause, it’ll make you feel like part of the family.

Common Grace: 22225 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124


8. Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.46.17 PM
Photo via Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters’s Instagram

DOCR is known for not only serving great coffee for their customers but they are always on the look-up to showcase local musicians. They strive to revolutionize the coffee experience by having customers stay longer with their coffee and enjoy the music, rather than just a pit-stop. Pro tip, try their seasonal ‘Macch of Kent’. It’s basically a blend of fall season + coffee in one cup.

Dessert Oasis: 336 South Main Street, Rochester, MI 48307 and 1220 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226


9.Germack Coffee Roasting Co.

Photo via Germack Coffee Roasting Co.’s Facebook

Germack does not only serve coffee. Their products include dried fruits, chocolates, candies, nut butters, and other gourmet gifts galore. They roast all of their beans on site and have specialty blends from reputable importers around the world. I would recommend taking the family here just to show off.

Germack: 2517 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207


10. Commonwealth Cafe

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 3.12.17 PM.png
Photo via Commonwealth’s Instagram

For those Saturday brunch plans, choose Commonwealth Cafe. They have a stellar menu with plenty of fresh and delicious items to choose from, from C lattes to goat cheese quiches, to grilled cheese and tomato soup. The chill atmosphere of this place adds to the satisfying experience. Get there early though, so you don’t have to wait in line hangrily to grab a bite!

Commonwealth: 300 Hamilton Row, Birmingham, MI 48009


11. Trinosophes

Photo via ChowDownDetroit

Tis the season to enjoy some eggnog and Trinosophes offers this cup of delight as part of their coffee menu. Try their Eggnog latte and brunch/lunch specialties. Not only that, this shop is also home to selective book collections, art exhibitions, and even performances & events!

Trinosophes: 1464 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207

12. Qahwah House

Photo via ChowDownDetroit’s Snapchat

Here’s another great place to check out, Qahwah House. They are a Yemeni coffee house and is known for their Yemeni Lattes, crafted with rare coffee beans, husks, cardamom, and steamed milk. Pair that with some of their freshly baked honeycomb buns. There are no wrong choices here, so pick anything from their menu to enjoy!

Qahwah House: 6655 Schaefer Rd., Dearborn, Michigan 48126


Have a coffee joint that should be on this list? Where else do you stop by before your work or school grind? Email us at chowdowndetroit@gmail.com. Cheers!

List created by Seoung (ChowDownDetroit) & Virginia


  1. Lovely list😉 I just wanted to let you know about Espresso Elevado at 606 S. Main St. Plymouth, MI 48170.
    It’s a wonderful place for a beautifully organic cup of assorted coffees and, very delicious flavors of lattes & espressos, . It’s cozy and always in good company. Check em out 😉!


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